The Art Planner is a dynamic art consultancy supported by a strong team of global professionals with solid fine art background.


The consultancy is the brainchild of Daphne Alexis Ho and Maria Lai, long-time collaborator of the successful life style agency, SAGE Communications. The duo combines their knowledge and refined taste in fine art with business acumen.

Daphne Alexis Ho

Prior to setting up The Art Planner, Daphne is the founding partner of SAGE Communications (since 2002), a lifestyle agency that specialises in PR, Events and Branding. Apart from great business acument, Daphne possesses extensive knowledge in fine art. She holds a PhD in Fine Art with a focus on Japanese Zen aesthetics and contemporary photography. She is also a  is a practising artist whose works are exhibited worldwide. With her extensive experience in the art market, Daphne serves as the advisor for The Open Print Shop in Hong Kong, an NGO that promotes visual art with an emphasis on image making. Daphne also is one of the working committees for IMPACT 11, the largest international print conference dedicated specifically to printmaking.

Maria Lai

Apart from running her own PR agency, Maria is a globetrotter with a comprehensive understanding of trends in the art world, as well as extensive corporate experience with luxury brands such as LVMH and Giorgio Armani. Her acute visual sense and broad knowledge of art will help build a diversified art portfolio to accommodate clients’ highly individualistic aesthetics, interests and goals. Whether it is curating a one-off exhibition, brand collaboration, or building an art collection, Maria’s well-developed network and experience in the industry will ensure that the selections are perfectly suited to each individual or corporation.